Nilofer Merchant’s thoughts on Mitch Joel’s New Book, Ctrl Alt Del


Just read a great book review of Mitch Joel’s New Book, Ctrl Alt Del.   I have been meaning to pick up a copy of this book, and after reading this review, I am certain it will be a good read.

My favorite tip from her article and the book is this:  Don’t be a luddite. A CEO of an ecommerce company recently remarked to me, “Why would I need to be on Twitter? I have plenty of ways to be connected to the right people.” I remember shaking my head wondering how to explain the value of trying new things. Whatever you choose to call it, the connected economy, the relationship economy, or the social era, it is emphatically clear that the rules of value creation have changed. It is, in management jargon, a paradigm change. To understand a new paradigm, you can’t just sit back and observe it to understand it, you have to live it, to embody it. Or, as Mitch advises in the book, stay really aware of technology, trends and the impact those things are having on the world. “Don’t be the one who says you’ll never join Facebook. Act like a digital native (even if you are a digital immigrant) by trying it, tinkering with it, and even if need be, pretending it is the greatest thing since sliced bread.” This is will let you make an informed decision on how to best use it, rather than discount it away.

Click here to read the rest of her review.

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